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NormaTec Recovery System

Air Compression Massage Technology

The NormaTec recovery system increases circulation to reduce inflammation and accelerate the recovery time of injuries and intense workouts. The innovative technology combines dynamic air compressions with a patented pulse massage to stimulate the rehabilitation process.

Leg and Arm Systems Help Knees, Shoulders and More

The dynamic air compression mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms, enhancing the movement of fluid to relieve aches and pains. The leg system is ideal for any knee injury, as well as ankle, shin, calf, quadricep and hamstring problems. The arm system facilitates range of motion and is great for shoulder injuries, forearms and elbows.

Great for Athletes

Although you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from NormaTec, athletes report that they recover much more quickly from an injury or strenuous performance. They feel refreshed as the oxygenated blood circulates to flush out soreness from their arms and legs. In addition to reducing pain and inflammation, the technology helps to prevent injury because it increases flexibility and range of motion.

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