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The Premier Place for Good Health

NJ Spine & Joint is a multi-specialty wellness center that provides the most advanced non-surgical healthcare available today. Our safe, natural treatment programs are designed to correct your problem, get rid of your pain, and improve your overall health. We treat all ages, from newborns to teenagers to senior citizens, from athletes to couch potatoes to everyone in between.

Located in Canfield Office Park in Cedar Grove, N.J., our state-of-the-art center offers comprehensive treatments, therapies and technologies to treat various conditions, ailments and pain. Our goal is to get to the root of the patient’s problem, and not just mask the symptoms.

We promote health and well-being for the whole body, and are very big on biomechanics and body balance. Pain in one area is often caused by imbalances or weakness in other areas. For example, knee pain could be caused by the hips being out of alignment.

Success of Integrated Services

Photo of Happy patientsOne of the keys to our success is our integrated approach to full-body health and wellness, meaning that our proven protocols work in sync with one another to get you better. Our treatment plans are customized to each individual patient.

Our services include:

Diversified Team of Experts

Clinic Director Dr. Glenn Sorrentino and the talented NJ Spine & Joint team of healthcare professionals bring their extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best possible care to each individual patient.

Free Consultation or More Information

For a free consultation, call NJ Spine & Joint at (973) 433-0889 or contact us.

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