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Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Stimulates Healing Process

While a massage may conjure up images of a relaxing spa experience, a Medical massage applies specific techniques that address specific conditions or injuries. Although a medical massage can melt away tension much like a spa massage, the focus is more goal-oriented to promote healing in the affected area. Medical massage is an extremely beneficial complement to our other services and modalities as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol.

Skilled Techniques Target Acute Pain and Chronic Conditions

Massage techniques such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy are applied to relieve pain, increase muscle function, improve range of motion, speed muscle recovery and encourage healing. The appropriate pressure to the soft tissue relaxes tight muscles and promotes healthy blood flow. Medical massage is good for many health concerns, from pain in the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and other areas, to various sports injuries, to a wide range of chronic and acute conditions.

Licensed Massage Therapist Expertly Delivers Results

Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Cindy Alvarez, applies skilled techniques that get to the root of the problem. As with many of our treatments and therapies, body biomechanics play an important role, meaning that one body part can affect another body part. For example, pain in the shoulder, arm or hand can stem from a problem in the neck. Treating the source of the problem relieves pain in the affected area.

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