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Our Technology

Digital X-ray

Our digital x-ray system uses high-speed technology that delivers clear, vivid images with far superior detail than conventional x-rays. The advanced system generates considerably less radiation than conventional x-rays. 

With an ideal balance of high sensitivity and high resolution, the system converts the x-ray images into digital data which is clearly displayed on a monitor for quick, efficient reading and analysis. Another advantage is that x-rays rarely need to be retaken.

3D BodyView Dual Laser Scanner

The 3D BodyView Dual Laser Scanner by Foot Levelers provides information for body balance and posture analysis by producing 3-dimensional images of the feet. The laser imaging system identifies asymmetries and generates assessments in less than 60 seconds.

The state-of-the-art scanner creates computerized models which compare your feet to an ideal model. The 3D BodyView Dual Scanner is the most precise and accurate imaging system on the market for custom orthotics. Unlike generic, over-the-counter orthotics, custom orthotics are designed to correct individual postural problems, not just foot problems.

Multi Radiance MR4 Cold Laser

Cold laser is a breakthrough non-surgical technology that stimulates healing, decreases pain and restores function. The Multi Radiance MR4 laser emits a focused, targeted beam of light photons, allowing transmission into tissue as deep as 4-5 inches. 

The super-pulsing technology increases the rate of light absorption to reach the mitochondria of each cell, stimulating the production of ATP, which is the body’s primary carrier of energy in cells. Studies and clinical trials have substantiated the effectiveness of cold laser on many conditions, including neck and back pain.

“The MR4 laser is an integral tool in the maintenance and rehabilitation of our players…hands down our go-to modality. We have seen optimal results in pain relief and pain management.”

Nick Kenney, Head Athletic Trainer/Director of Medical Services for MLB’s Kansas City Royals. 

Dynatronics Solaris Plus

The Solaris Plus Series is the industry’s most powerful and effective technology for both electrotherapy muscle stimulation (known as e-stim) and ultrasound therapy. 

By targeting specific areas in need of treatment, the muscle stimulation system increases muscle strength and promotes blood supply to the treated areas to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation. In combination with e-stim treatment, the patented Dynatron ThermoStim Probe can be used to deliver either heat or cold to enhance treatment. 

Ultrasound therapy increases blood flow to the treated area to speed the body’s natural healing processes. The Solaris 709’s heat-producing sound waves work to relax muscles, joints and tendons. The device’s unprecedented flexibility provides the highest level of customized treatment.  

“The Solaris has been extremely helpful and beneficial to me. My wrist injury healed perfectly and much faster than expected.”

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA great and TV sports analyst