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Our Integrated Approach to Full-Body Health & Wellness

We have one goal: to get you healthy. We have more than one way to get you there. That’s what sets us apart.

At NJ Spine & Joint, we take an integrated approach to full-body health and wellness. When you come to us, we first determine the cause of your problem or pain. Then we provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically for you. That plan includes our proven protocols, comprised of treatments, therapies and technologies working in sync to get you better.

Integrated Protocols

Here’s an example: Based upon your initial evaluation, one of our specialized treatment protocols gets your body back in alignment to provide you with correction and relief, physical therapy promotes optimal function and movement, and cold laser therapy repairs the tissue damage incurred over months or even years of your body being out of balance. Maybe your condition requires medical massage or trigger point injections.
You get the idea. While you may have tried one area of treatment elsewhere, the key to our success is the integration of services that provide the most advanced, non-surgical healthcare available today.

Comprehensive Services

In keeping with our whole-body wellness philosophy, we also provide other valuable services, such as IV and IM Therapy, PRP Therapy and our Weight Loss Plan, to improve your health, appearance and performance. Our safe, natural treatment programs are designed to correct your problem, get rid of your pain, and improve your overall health. You can learn more about each of our services by clicking below:

Expert Team

Clinic Director Dr. Glenn Sorrentino leads the NJ Spine & Joint multi-specialty team of healthcare professionals, including board-certified medical doctors, physical therapists, physician assistants, massage therapists, medical techs, medical assistants and nutritional counselors. Our healthcare experts bring extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best possible care to each individual patient.

Free Consultation or More Information

For a free consultation, call NJ Spine & Joint at (973) 433-0889 or contact us.