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Health Fairs FAQs

How will my staff benefit from a Health Fair?

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A great way to learn about wellness

Health Fairs provide employees with opportunities to speak about health issues with caring professionals who are conveniently located. When issues present themselves at a Health Fair, employees are much more likely to take the next step and visit a health professional, quit smoking, or begin a weight loss program.

The Health Fair environment often motivates employees to join health clubs or initiate other positive lifestyle changes such as yoga or recreational sports. All of this results in happier and healthier employees at work and a reduction in your high-risk population.

What does a lecture involve?

A lecture can be a one-time event, or a series, depending on the topic(s) you choose. One of our board-certified doctors gives a presentation, which is followed by related screenings.

What are corporate health screenings?

A professional will come to your facility and in a provided space will perform screenings for staff members who have signed up in advance. Screenings may include back and neck screenings, podiatry, carpal tunnel, dental screenings, and blood pressure and stress reduction massage. During the screening, employees’ questions will be answered and medical advice will be given.

Do you provide exhibitors, such as health clubs, who actually provide lifestyle-changing services?

We bring in Health Clubs, recreational sports professionals, yoga, Pilates, nutritionists, and other healthy lifestyle exhibitors who discuss the opportunity to bring health, energy and a new sense of well-being into life. These exhibitors normally have facilities near you.

What type of exhibitors can my staff expect at a health fair?

All professional exhibitors will be licensed and in good standing in their profession. There will be medical and non-medical exhibitors. They will be very courteous, communicative and interested in providing your staff with answers and options in healthcare and lifestyle. They want to motivate your employees to take control over their health and may offer appointments to those who are interested in them.

How long does a Health Fair or Lecture run?

Depending on the size and needs of your organization, an event can take one hour, several hours, or all day.

Are the events really free? What’s the catch?

Yes, our Health Fairs and Lectures (including screenings) are free. If participants could benefit from any of the many health services we perform at our clinic, naturally we hope they would choose us. But there are no strings attached.

Why should our organization hold these events?

A healthy, educated workforce is vital to any company’s success. An employee’s health, as well as stress level, has a direct correlation to job performance. Healthy employees will lead to increased productivity, reduced employee turnover, and lower healthcare costs.

What can we do to ensure a successful event?

We take care of all the details, but it’s important for you to promote the event through emails and flyers, which we provide, within your organization. It’s also effective to encourage department heads to discuss the event with their employees.

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